enner valencia

Enner Valencia Chased off Pitch By Police During World Cup Qualifier

Enner Valencia has a warrant out for his arrest for his alleged failure to pay child support, and police tried to arrest him during a World Cup Qualifier.

by Sean Newell
Oct 7 2016, 5:22pm

Recently, Enner Valencia had a warrant issued for his arrest in Ecuador for his alleged failure to pay £13,350 in child support. Police tried to execute the warrant as he left the pitch with an injury during a World Cup qualifier against Chile. And there's speculation he faked the injury! Valencia came off around the 82nd minute and was put on a cart, and was shuttled off the pitch and into the guts of the stadium. As the cart motored around the perimeter of the pitch, however, cops could be seen running after him.

Once he got to the back of the stadium, he was put in an ambulance and taken away even further, with the ever dogged police still in pursuit.

Valencia slept in the team facility after the game, but his attorney said that while the child support case is still ongoing, he's struck a deal with the court to void the arrest warrant.