Ryan Gosling is Singing, Again, This Time with Lykke Li in a Clip from ‘Song to Song’

Oh good, they're doing Bob Marley and the Wailers.
March 16, 2017, 2:15pm

Earlier this year we reported that director Terrence Malick has made a movie called Song to Song, which stars, amongst others, Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara, and features all of the mutual music faves you share with your dad, including Iggy Pop and Patti Smith. The film is due for limited release in the US on Friday (March 17), and ahead of that, a clip has emerged online. It sees Gosling and Swedish musician Lykke Li (in a role as Gosling's ex-lover) duetting in the garden. Before I get into anymore detail about that, however, I would just like to go on record to ask:

Why do we keep letting Ryan Gosling sing in films? Ryan Gosling is not a good singer. Maybe he used to be a good singer as a child in the Mickey Mouse Club, but that was ages ago, and it actually kind of slaps. But as an adult, this is not what he should be doing. He proved this in La La Land. But he is a good actor! He is really good! Please just let him act. Stop offering him roles as musicians. Stop giving him ideas.

Anyway, now that's off my chest, here's the clip. They are being Intimate and Gosling is holding a keyboard (but not playing it?), and oh good, they're doing Bob Marley and the Wailers:

Admittedly it is kind of saved by Malick's strangely calming surrealist camera work, and we should all still watch this movie for HRH Patti Smith, but honestly, I gotta say I liked Ryan Gosling a lot better when he wore a satin bomber jacket and spent a lot of time brooding.

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(Image via Billboard)