The Definitive Ranking of the Most Savage Lines From the #HurtBae Sequel

Is Leonard, not Kourtney, the #hurtbae now?

by Manisha Krishnan
Feb 27 2018, 7:18pm

Leonard is ice cold. Screenshot via Youtube/Iris

We were all mesmerized when #hurtbae dropped last year. The seven-minute video saw ex-lovers Kourtney and Leonard face off about what went wrong with their relationship—namely Leonard being a cheating pos.

It was emotional, it was raw, it was relatable, and we all really felt for Kourtney aka #hurtbae, who was clearly not over Leonard. Though he was being polite, Leonard did not seem to give a single fuck. In the aftermath, the internet rallied around #hurtbae—whose modeling career has since taken off—and dragged Leonard to pieces.

The sequel—a catch-up with the exes one year later—was posted last week by Iris and Leonard dropped all pretense of being a decent guy. Instead he delivered insult after insult, making many of us question whether or not he is now the #hurtbae.

Without further adieu, here is a ranking of his most savage one-liners.

10. “When you approached me to do the video, you were not exclusive, I was not exclusive. You did your thing, I did my thing.”

On its own, this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it sets up the rest of the bombs Leonard is going to drop, and implies that Kourtney was either lying or in denial about the true status of their relationship.

9. “We did this to get exposure as entertainers.”

I mean, a lot of us were wondering if this was the case. While it does seem plausible, it moreso just comes across as an attempt to discredit Kourtney and cheapen her emotions.

8. “I kinda think that the cycle with me and Kourtney might’ve continued and part of the reason I did the video was so that, you know, Kourtney would be able to move on.”

This one stings because Leonard is subtly suggesting that Kourtney was the one who needed closure and that he was—and still is—completely over her.

7. “You still wanted to be with me after I didn’t want to be with you.”

Getting pretty blunt about that last point now.

6. “You don’t want to face the truth. You put me in fucked up situations and then you play the victim every time. The whole time we messed around, I told you ‘Hey Kourtney, I really like you, I love you, but I don’t want to be in a relationship.’ That’s never what I wanted.”

Clearly, Leonard is bitter about how he was characterized as the villain after HurtBae 1 went viral and he’s snapping at Kourtney for playing the victim card. But it’s also rude because again he’s stressing how much he never actually wanted to be with her.

5. “What is there to talk about? We were never together.”

This is just fucking harsh. Obviously, he’s bullshitting to a certain degree. While we don’t know if they were officially calling each other boyfriend-girlfriend, the fact that he even bothered with the first video tells us that they did at one point have a very close relationship. So saying “we were never together” is a cop-out and a dick move.

4. “Come get some truth.”


3. “I actually was in a relationship when we shot the first time. It’s not your business, I don’t have to tell you everything.”

This is around the time when Leonard starts looking more and more like the real #hurtbae. He seems pissed than Kourtney has a new man and is now retroactively trying to hurt her by revealing that he was dating someone when they had their first viral heart to heart.

2. “I’m happy you finally found someone that can give you what you deserve, sis.”

You really have to watch how he says this to get the full scope of how insincere and bitter it is. He heavily emphasizes “sis” and does this weird sassy head shake thing too. Suffice to say, what he really seems to be thinking is “go fuck yourself.”

1. “I hope I never see you again.”

Leonard, Leonard, Leonard. Goddamn dude. Is this really necessary? Leonard makes this comment in response to Kourtney’s, “I was in love with you, I wanted to be with you, but that’s all in the past now.” Even though she’s saying it’s behind her, her eyes are still searching for a kind or apologetic word from him—anything to justify how long she’s kept him in her life. Instead he hits back with this flaming turd. Icy cold turd, actually.

The pair wrap up the video by physically acting out the motion of wiping their hands of each other. It's all very high school drama class. Leonard actually does it twice for good measure.

Afterward it was published, he made a Twitter thread with text exchanges that “prove” Kourtney was always more into him than he was into her. Everyone already knew that, so the texts just make him look like even more of an asshole. Excellent job repairing your reputation, Leonard.

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