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Jay Som Channel a Weird Wave on This "Strawberry Fields Forever" Cover

Melina Duterte has uploaded the dreamy cover to Soundcloud.

by Lauren O'Neill
Jul 4 2017, 1:56pm

The best music completely consumes you. It doesn't have to be complicated, there'll just be something about it that makes you feel strongly as though you are existing inside it. That's the case with Jay Som's cover of The Beatles' classic "Strawberry Fields Forever," shared via Soundcloud. The original is hypnotic enough as it stands, but Melina Duterte endows it with something even headier, and listening makes you feel surrounded by it.

Sticking fairly faithfully to the original, the track is especially enhanced by Duterte's staccato vocals and an even more languid instrumental than Lennon and McCartney's version. Listen below and feel the strong sensation of floating on your back. It's really nice.

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(Image via YouTube)

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