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Giants Bench Eli Manning and Mike Francesa Loses His Ever-Loving Mind

The outgoing radio giant dared the Giants to release Manning if they really think Geno Smith gives them a better chance to win.

by Sean Newell
Nov 28 2017, 11:23pm

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So. The Giants are not very good right now. Most recently, they lost a Thanksgiving night game to the Redskins where it looked like they all had OD'd on tryptophan. Previously you might have seen them lose to the equally hapless San Francisco 49ers. I could give you seven other examples because they are currently 2-9. But I won't because I'm not a sadist. What I will do is share this rant from New York City radio legend Mike Francesa, absolutely destroying the Giants team, the general manager, and windbreaker salesman head coach.

Among other choice descriptions, Francesa called the decision "gutless," head coach Ben McAdoo's career "worthless," the team a "2-9 buncha BUMS!," and the season "disgusting."

The clip is a slow burn at eight minutes, but right around two minutes in, Francesa's voice reaches cheese-grater-to-the-vocal-chords levels. And you know what? He's not wrong! The previous draft was a weak class for offensive lineman, but that was an obvious area of concern for the Giants, and they didn't really address it. The Giants lost arguably the best wide receiver in the league in Odell Beckham, Jr. and a reliable possession receiver in Brandon Marshall to injury, so Eli—never the most accurate quarterback, to be sure—has been playing with a receiving corpse that is young and, uh, not great. It's a perfect storm for a terrible season, and not really Eli's fault considering his general manager didn't provide him with talent, and his head coach can't seem to figure out a way to get the most out of his existing talent.

In another clip, Francesa told the Giants to release Manning right now, if they really thought he wasn't good enough.

Mike saves most of his fireworks for McAdoo, though, and, oh yeah, he went to the "count the rings" well:

“The worst thing that ever happened is that Eli Manning had to be associated with you as head coach! With the career he’s had here. Maybe on your way out you can take a look at Eli’s rings, that’s as close as you’re ever going to get to one, too, with actions like this. You’re going to try and tell us that [extremely angry hands pounding on the desk] GENO SMITH IS THE ANSWER? That’s the problem with this team now is the quarterback, after what we’ve watched this year? You’re playing guys who drop every ball in sight, you haven’t disciplined a damn player all year, and you’re going to blame this now on your quarterback? At 2-9? What a gutless move!”

Geno Smith, of course, is quite familiar to folks in the New York area. He was a Jets quarterback that couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, turned the ball over like it was his job (narrator voice: it was not), and is perhaps most famous for getting punched by a teammate for stiffing him on airfare. And some of his teammates said he deserved it. Geno was replacing a guy who will forever be associated with the Buttfumble, and he arguably came out looking worse. He at least made it a lot closer than it ever should have been.

Eli has not been good this year, that's obvious. But also, Geno Smith has not been good ever. This is not a "let's see what we have in Geno" move. I don't even know what kind of move this is, but it reeks desperation.

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