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allie’s “All the Love” Video Is a Trippy Cottage Weekend Adventure

The Toronto R&B singer creates a surreal blend of fashion, nature, and beauty in cottage country.

by VICE Staff
Aug 28 2017, 7:05pm

Bonding over our common love for skating, art, fashion and cool, weird shit, VICE and Vans partnered to launch Unbound—a new series that enables emerging Canadian creatives to work on what they love.

It's easy to picture Canadian cottage country as a bunch of shirtless uncles cracking cold ones on the dock and arguing over which Rush album is the best soundtrack for doing century club, but Toronto R&B goddess allie has reimagined it as a stylish and surreal blend of fashion, nature and beauty. Continuing her penchant for dreamy visuals and atmospheric vocals, allie floats through a hypnotic summer road trip that starts when a mysteriously bedazzled headset shows up at her door. A collaboration between creative director Max Mohenu, director Justin Singer, and stylist Bobby Bowen, the video is a veritable moodboard of good vibes and solidifies that smoke machines are as much of a cottage essential as a bag of chips.