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Forget Elon Musk, Watch blackwave Drive a Car to Mars on “Swangin’”

Interplanetary skrt-skrt.

by Devin Pacholik
Feb 22 2018, 6:16pm

Photo by Ashley De Buck

Things suck on Earth, so why not take off and start a groove-based society on Mars? “Swangin” by the Belgium hip-hop duo blackwave is the perfect boost to help you escape the gravity of our miserable world. The beautiful cosmic-themed video was directed by Eloi Cyuzuzu Nsanzabandi and Aäron Beyers, and shows Jay Walker and Willem Ardui driving their car to the fourth planet in our solar system. Take that, Elon Musk. You can also find the R&B-infused track on Spotify. “Swangin’, drinkin’ in the whip,” blackwave rap.

“‘Swangin’’ is the title track of our upcoming debut album,” blackwave wrote to Noisey. “For us this title holds the meaning of colouring outside the lines, thinking outside the box. In our process of writing music we don’t think about what we want to make at all, we just create what we feel in the moment. Whether it’s a banger, a heartfelt soul track or a funky live jam, if it feels right we’ll run with it. In the track we portray this concept as a road trip through (hip-hop) universe, driving recklessly and swerving from lane to lane.” Watch the video for blackwave’s “Swangin’” above.

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