Holy Shit

Baths Returns, Embraces Fantasy and Anime in New Song "Yeoman"

His first album in four years, 'Romaplasm,' is out November 17.

by Phil Witmer
Sep 21 2017, 4:00pm

Album artwork for Romaplasm

Will Wiesenfeld has been busy with many other projects aside from his main gig in Baths in the years since he released 2013's Obsidian, a taxing and utterly beautiful electronic-classical-emo-whatever album about death and heartbreak, as well as its accompanying outtakes EP Ocean Death. He made music for Cartoon Network shows and this year's surprise indie video game hit Dream Daddy. Also, music from his ambient project Geotic ended up in the cult fighting game sequel Nidhogg 2. It's evident that Wiesenfeld has had his mind in fiction more than ever, and that perspective seems to have informed both his upcoming LP, Romaplasm, and its first single "Yeoman."

The first album-leading single from Baths music in four years is a skittering, fluorescent love song set on a fantastic airship, which truthfully makes a lot of sense because both flying machines and romance are a key component of every Final Fantasy game (every JRPG, pretty much) and I'm personally shocked no one made that connection sooner in a pop song. I'm serious. In a press release, Wiesenfeld says that anime and other nerdy media like comics and games influenced Romaplasm, explaining that "this is where my heart lies and where I get the most motion out of life." I fully endorse these sentiments in every conceivable way. Stream "Yeoman" below.

Phil has not been more amped for an album this year. He's on Twitter.