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ALX&R's "Wanna Know" Keeps Things Moody on a Dark Thanksgiving

The Toronto singer just wants to connect through the murk.

by Phil Witmer
Nov 24 2017, 6:02pm

Photo by Jake Kivanç

American Thanksgiving is something of a bleak occasion this year, with racist relatives and horrific reminders of the country's colonial past out in full force across the timelines. Canadians like Toronto R&B singer ALX&R have already celebrated their own version of the holiday, but their gloomy musical moods are somehow apt for their neighbours' current predicament. The singer's newest song, "Wanna Know," is his most engrossingly dark yet.

With undulating production by Mississauga beatmaker rare, ALX&R shares feelings of disconnect ("sippin' too much now I can't relate") in the classic Toronto mold, while still wanting to reach out. The song's doubly important for relaunching the newly rechristened BVM Records (formerly BEVSTMODE). Listen to "Wanna Know" below.

Wanna Know