The Cities Where You're Most Likely to Have Experimental Sex

Out of 200 cities, our fair capital was near the top of the list.

by VICE Staff
Jun 7 2017, 8:18pm

London (Photo by Daniel Chapma via Flickr)

If having a shag is on your city break wishlist, along with obligatory walk around literally any museum, sinking a few cold ones and pissing off your ex with some exceptionally staged selfies of you looking fit in your Asos holiday uniform, then good news: you can now strategically pick your location.

A new survey has worked out which cities are the most sex-positive – i.e. having a free, open and progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality. The top five, in order, are: Paris, Rio de Janeiro, London, Los Angeles and Berlin. Paris scored very well for its swinger culture and adult entertainment, whereas Rio beat all the other cities in the "sexually active" and "experimental" categories.

At the very bottom of the list were Tokyo, Salzburg, Bratislava and Cork in Ireland. So if you're looking for a Good Time, rather than just a good time, on your summer break, maybe don't bother.

In order to find out how sexually active, experimental and satisfied citizens of each city were, a slightly vague but wide-reaching survey involving more than 450,000 adults aged 18 to 70 was conducted. The survey – done by sex tech company, Lazeeva – also looked at stuff like sex toy ownership. The company then combined the data with sexual health information from reports produced by departments of health in each country, the UN-WHO and the World Bank.

Swingers clubs and group listings from each city were used to calculate the Swingers Score. Adult entertainment scores were calculated using the total number of regular night clubs, as well as all licensed adult entertainment establishments, and divided by the population of the city.

You should probably take any survey conducted by a sex toy company with a pinch of salt. But it's nice to know Britain might be doing something right for once. Who knew any of us were actually getting laid?

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