Trump Started a Flame War with Arnold Schwarzenegger Over 'The Apprentice'

Trump somehow turned what should be a humble, professional speech at the Prayer Breakfast into a fight with the Terminator.

by Sarah Bellman
Feb 3 2017, 2:43pm

On Thursday morning, Donald Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast, like many presidents have before him. But since he is Trump, he somehow turned what should be a humble, professional speech into a flame war with the Terminator.

The President of the United States decided to use his time at the Prayer Breakfast to roast Arnold Schwarzenegger for being a worse Apprentice host than he was. Then he tried to tie it all back in by saying we should pray for Arnold, because of his low ratings.

The former California governor didn't let this slide. He fired back at Trump on social media, offering to trade jobs with him. The two celebrities-turned-politicians are now going head-to-head, like something out of a reality show—which, of course, is what those two know best.

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