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Kingdom's V Kim Remix Hangs as Heavy as "Gold Chainz"

The Fade to Mind boss gives a shimmering twist to the Sydney producer's new release, out today on Silverback.

by Colin Joyce
Aug 19 2016, 5:52pm

The cover art for "Gold Chainz"

All that glitters may not be gold, but the genre-shredding producer V Kim's new release "Gold Chainz" is as dense and rich as its title promises. Formerly part of the duo Victoria Kim, the Sydney musician is back today with a single on the Belgian underground stalwart Silverback Recordings. Like the recordings he made with the duo, the A-side's a chattery mesh of styles and sounds. This time around he's brought along Qween Beat-affiliate Divoli S'Vere, who offers some dizzy vocals over a sample of K-Pop superstar CL, a smattering of jittery claps, and some fluttering synth flutes. It's beautifully overstimulating stuff.

But today, V Kim and Silverback are also sharing the record's flip side, a remix of the song by Kingdom. In familiar fashion for the Fade to Mind founder, his remix is a little heavier, a little grimier, a little more dimly lit. It's something like a nighttime stroll through a major metropolis, your path only illuminated by the quietly humming neon signs hanging overhead. It's just the latest in the tear that Kingdom's been on this year, after pushing D∆WN further toward the club on Infrared, and his own Fade to Mind EP Shox.

V Kim writes in an email to THUMP that the two takes are meant to highlight the multifarious purposes of Divoli's vocals—both the glitter and the weight.

"Divoli's vocals can be read in so many ways, so I wanted to see both sides—my take on Divoli's verses, and Kingdom's too," he writes. "Both tracks are meant to be heard together...I love playing them back-to-back in a set, so I hope people listen to them back-to-back."

As such, you can listen to both versions below. "Gold Chainz" is out today on Silverback.

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