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Michel Gondry's New Video for The Chemical Brothers is as Awesome as We Would Expect

We're only here to make you GO!

by Taís Toti
May 5 2015, 2:01pm

When the Chemical Brothers and Michel Gondry come together, the result is magical. We all remember the train ride in "Star Guitar," with each figure of the landscape in the window representing the landscape of the sounds in the music. Who can forget "Let Forever Be" in which the special effects were all done by hand?

Q-Tip, St. Vincent, and more appear on the new Chemical Brothers album.

After a long break from music videos, Gondry is back and with a Chem Bros clip for their new single, "Go," the second from their forthcoming album, Born in the Echoes. The vid is typical Gondry: lots of synchronized motion, choreography matched to beats, arts-and-crafty but beautiful. The concept is simple: seven women dressed in futuristic gray uniforms and made-up identically are moving two giant sticks to create some waves and crazy designs together. Filmed in what looks like an office park on a Saturday afternoon, its the video's simplicity that lets Gondry's genius shine through: how something so basic can be so captivating is central to its appeal.

Featuring Q-Tip on vocals, "Go" is the second song released from the Chems' comeback album following "Sometimes I Feel So Deserted."

Born in the Echoes is due July 17 on Astralwerks.

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