A Mississauga Teacher Taught His Class How To Make and Inject Crystal Meth

Dude, you are watching Breaking Bad wrong.

Feb 17 2017, 6:16pm

A Mississauga middle school teacher who thought it was a good idea to give his students instructions on how to cook and inject crystal meth has been suspended.

According to the CBC, the teacher at Erin Mills Middle School printed off the instructions as part of a "skit" for his Grade 8 class.

The mother of one of the students, Delight Greenidge, told the CBC she was shocked when her son brought home the print out instructions, which also advised the kids to act "scared" when cooking the meth and "happy" when injecting it. Points for authenticity, I guess.

"To think that all of what I've tried so hard to teach him — good principles, good values, moral character — the things that make you a man, a strong black man, and this is what an educator is giving to my child," she said.

Greenridge said the meth "skit" was plan B and that originally the kids were going to do an exercise about an old TV show. (To be fair, it sounds like they pretty much still ended up doing that.)

Peel school board said the teacher has been suspended with pay pending an investigation. He reportedly got the instructions off the internet.

"I can't speak to his rationale," Carla Pereira, communications manager at the school board, told the CBC, noting the board shares parents' concerns over the assignment.

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