Child Murderer Douglas Garland Back in Hospital After Yet Another Prison Beatdown

Garland was recently convicted for killing two grandparents and their five-year-old grandkid.

by Mack Lamoureux
Mar 7 2017, 9:58pm

People won't stop beating up the man who was convicted of torturing and killing three people—including a five-year-old boy.

On Monday night, Douglas Garland was found unresponsive but breathing in his cell after being beaten unconscious, however, the extent of his injuries are unknown at this point in time. On the morning of the day he was beaten, Garland had been transferred from the Calgary Remand centre to the Edmonton Maximum institution.

In February, Garland was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty for the horrific murders of five-year-old Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents Alvin and Kathy Liknes. Garland captured the trio, held them prisoner while he tortured them before eventually killing them and burning their bodies in a barrel at the Airdrie, Alberta, farm where he lived with his parents.

It came out in the court that Garland killed the three people over a patent dispute he was having with the Liknes—and O'Brien was having a sleepover at the house when Garland abducted them. A forensic analysis of Garland's computer found that he had searched "most painful torture" and had researched autopsy tools and dismembered bodies.

This isn't the first time that Garland had the shit kicked out of him. On the same day he was sentenced, he was attacked by several inmates and had to be treated in hospital for soft tissue injuries.

Four inmates were charged as a result of the first beating.

Lead photo via The Canadian Press/Jeff McIntosh

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