Everything You Need to Know About Conservative Frontrunner Kevin O'Leary

Did you know this politician used to play a rich guy on TV? Who knew!

Jan 17 2017, 11:10pm

Well, it seems to be official folks. Kevin O'Leary—aka K-Money—is reportedly going to be entering the leadership race tomorrow. He's said to be jumping in one day after the French speaking debate—a brilliant move for a man who cannot speak French tres bien (or at all). That aside, the Kev-Man will, most likely, be entering the race as the frontrunner and certainly has an edge over the other candidates in name value alone.

TBH, after months of constipated speculation and him teasing the media with threats to run, it's a little bit of a relief that O'Leary has finally decided to take a leaky shit all over the leadership race. At least the thousands of hot takes and think pieces comparing O'Leary to Trump have been worth it.

Well, without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Mr. Wonderful.

He is not, in fact, American businessman/president-elect/Putin fanboy Donald Trump.

Don't let all the breathless comparisons fool you, by all accounts, he seems to be his own autonomous person and not an avatar of the anthropomorphic Cheeto that is the president-elect.  

Is he racist?

Nothing on the record suggests he is. O'Leary has actively shit on the immigration views espoused by Trump and leadership opponent Kellie Leitch. He is not Donald Trump.

He is Canada rich.

O'Leary is reportedly worth $400 million, Trump is worth around $3.7 billion. While, for plebs like us, $400 million seems like a lot, to Trump it's chump change. Hell, O'Leary isn't even the richest person on Shark Tank. Definitely not Donald Trump money.

Photos via Twitter

He likes sticking his head through things.

Look, I don't know why he likes it so much but he obviously does, maybe ask Temple Grandin? Never saw Trump stick his head through a toilet. (Editor's note: The existence of the pee-pee video is the only hope I have left in life.)

He appeared on television, did you know that?

O'Leary has his very own IMDB page and it even has a cool picture! He's appeared on several television shows your parents have watched including Dragon's Den, Shark Tank, Celebrity Jeopardy and something called The Lang & O'Leary Exchange, which I assume is some kind of 1930s detective show with a sassy female lead? But he has a long road ahead of him though if he thinks he's the big cheese when it comes to famous Conservative actors.

So OK, maybe those Trump comparisons have a little weight in this category.

He apparently has a pretty shoddy record as a businessman.

Full of weird dealings, cat food and wrongful dismissal lawsuits, another similarity that O'Leary has with Trump is being successful despite pretty poor business skills. Cheers to the Forrest Gumps of business!

He once got smashed on Celebrity Jeopardy .

It's not really all that important but it's pretty goddamn funny. Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump will likely appear on SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy any week now.

He is not Donald Trump.

He's a blowhard who became well known for having more money than the commoners but in the end, we're still pretty sure he's not Donald Trump.

He is very bald.

He is not Donald Trump.

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