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Gaze in Peaceful Awe at Rumpistol's New Music Video

In "Away," it's one man against his inner demons.

by THUMP Staff
Jan 31 2014, 8:30pm

It's Friday, and it's been a hard week. So please let us avoid anything even peripherally associated with face-melting, raging, fist-pumping, or head-banging. The only thing we can handle right now is this sweet, intimate video from Danish artist Rumpistol, who manages to completely avoid using #turntup concert footage. Gaze in a state of peacful awe as the video's hero struggles with his own inner demons, fading in and out of of some sort of icy wonder world made of lichen and fairy dust or something. 

The video certainly gets a bit heavy at times but don't think that's the only type of production you will hear from Rumpistol. He's a producer who often throws down tracks characterized by clever samples, rhythimc switch-ups, and feelings of flourescent Scandinavian electro-pop. He's not even above making a great house track or two. Explore his label, Rump Recordings' catalogue, and enjoy this brand new video. Just don't forget to hug someone after you watch it, or maybe watch a video from Michael Jukeson. 

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