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Porter Ricks Return with New EP on Tresor After 17-Year Silence

'Shadow Boat' is a three tracker in their familiar, nautical dub techno style.

by Alexander Iadarola
Oct 12 2016, 7:06pm

EP artwork courtesy of the label

Venerated German dub techno duo Porter Ricks, aka Andy Mellwig and Thomas Köner, announced today that they'll break 17 years of silence with a new EP called Shadow Boat. The record will arrive on influential Berlin techno imprint Tresor, and be their first since 1999's collaborative album with Techno Animal, Symbiotics.

The duo recently performed at the German experimental festival Berlin Atonal. In their Facebook event page for the concert, they shared a project biography which states that they will release a new LP on Tresor in 2017. Tresor stated in their Facebook post announcing Shadow Boat that the duo had "plans for another release this coming year," although they did not explicitly confirm that it would be an album.

The EP will be their first for Tresor, following previous releases on Basic Channel's Chain Reaction imprint, Mille Plateaux, and Force Inc. Music Works.

If you're not super familiar with Porter Ricks' work, that's okay, because we've got you covered with a bullshitter's guide to dub techno. If you're still craving more, then we got five of techno's best and brightest—including Surgeon, Marcellus, and the Detroit Techno Militia—to pick their five favorite Tresor releases.

Shadow Boat tracklist:

1. Shadow Boat
2. Bay Rouge
3. Harbour Chart

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