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Nick Wisdom’s Newest Offering Proves Sex Music is the Only Genre

Cuddle up, get down, and enjoy.

by Ziad Ramley
Apr 1 2014, 7:56pm

Photograph by Monsiieur.

If you're familiar with Vancouver's burgeoning music scene, Nick Wisdom is a name you've heard many times surrounding the comings and goings of local collective, Jellyfish Recordings. Since he first popped up on my radar as a jungle producer at New Forms Festival in 2012, he's moved to Montreal, developed a taste for La Belle Provence, and released tracks that have garnered nods from Disclosure, Big Boi, and everyone in between.

It's hard to precisely say what it is about Nick's latest, "Under The Moon," that has me so captivated. Yes, the vocalist is sultry. Yes, the synths are full and bright. Yes, the percussion smashes and rattles like a hobo fight in a stagecoach. The end result is an entrancing affair drawing elements from house and breaks that I'm not ashamed to admit, I've listened to five times in a row since starting this article.

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