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Die Antwoord's First Ever Mixtape Is Salacious As Hell

It includes Die Antwoord's first official remixes as well.

by Michael Scott Barron
May 19 2016, 4:27pm

Photo courtesy of the band

Die Antwoord have done fashion shoots, shot feature length films, and walked away from a major label deal, but the South African raving rap duo have never released a mixtape—until now.

Suck On This is a romp of lewd singles, bumptious skits, and demonic segues. It includes the first ever official remixes of tracks from Die Antwoord's catalog, something the duo has not previously allowed. There are also a few new tracks, including the singles "Gucci Coochie" and "Bum Bum", to whet our appetites for new material while the duo wrap up their forthcoming album We Have Candy.

For the mixtape, Die Antwoord received guidance from collaborator The Black Goat, who appears on several tracks. In a short set of liner notes, member Ninja feigned ignorance about mixtape culture and enthused about the process of creating their first mixtape:

"About 2 months ago we found out that rappers in the USA usually drop a free mixtape for their fans before they drop their album. So we thought, 'hey we wanna do that!'," writes Ninja. "We quickly popped out some fresh NEW tracks for our mixtape, and we also thought it would be really special to ask THE BLACK GOAT and GOD to remix some of our old shit. DIE ANTWOORD has never allowed anyone to remix any of our songs, ever! We thought it would be a fun discipline to remix our most popular shit and make the remixes better than the originals, which was a seemingly impossible task, but you know how we roll. So kick back, pop some shamps or crack a brew, spark a fat blunt, and SUCK ON THIS. love NINJA."

According to the Die Antwoord, We Have Candy has been two years in the making and is being recorded at the Soul Assassins studio in LA. That album will also include contributions and production credits by Black Goat and God. A release date has not yet been given.

Listen to the Suck On This mixtape over at Datpiff and scope the tracklist.

1. "DANCE WIF DA DEVIL" ft. The Black Goat (Produced by DJ MUGGS)
2. "BUM BUM" ft. God (Produced by GOD)
3. "GUCCI COOCHIE" ft. Dita Von Teese, The Black Goat + God (Produced The Block Goat and GOD)
4. "WHERE'S MY FUKN CUP CAKE?" ft. The Black Goat (Produced by The Black Goat)
5. "DAZED AND CONFUSED" ft. God (Produced by GOD)
6. "SIEMBAMBA" ft. The Black Goat (Produced by The Black Goat)
7. "PITBULL TERRIER" (God's Berzerker Trap Remix) (Produced by GOD)
8. "I FINK YOU FREAKY" (God's Death Trap Remix) (Produced by GOD)
9. "WE WANT CANDY" ft. The Black Goat (Produced by The Black Goat)
10. "FOK JULLE NAAIERS" (God's Wicked Jungle Remix) (Produced by GOD)
11. "I DON'T CARE" ft. God (Produced by GOD)
12. "JAN PIEREWIET" ft. The Black Goat (Produced by The Black Goat)
13. "ENTER DA NINJA" (The Black Goat Decapitator Remix) (Produced by The Black Goat)