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A Peek Into the Wild: Bud Light Sensation

We travelled to Amsterdam to experience the spectacle headed to Toronto this November.

by THUMP Canada Staff
Sep 15 2014, 7:45pm

Although it may be time to accept the end of the 2014 festival season, Bud Light and ID&T are giving you one last chance to wear white after Labour Day, (because that's a rule somewhere). By the time you hang up your board shorts and have a proper funeral for those sandals you wore at that festival, Bud Light Sensation will arrive in Toronto to resuscitate all the warm and fuzzy festival feelings you thought were long lost.

THUMP Canada was in attendance on July 6th at the Amsterdam Arena for the most current rendition of the event: Bud Light Sensation's Into the Wild. We spoke to Duncan Stutterheim, the founder of one of the largest dance organizers in the world and mastermind behind Sensation, ID&T. Outside of the flashy bracelets and lavish DJ appearances lies a long history of creativity and innovation in crafting one of the most unique experiences in electronic music events. Frankly, you don't want to miss this.

Take a peek at part one of our Bud Light Sensation series and grab your tickets for this year's Toronto show on November 29th at the Rogers Centre here.

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