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Which Member of Poison Do Cam Newton's Shoes Look Like?: VICE Sports Investigates

Cam Newton wore some pretty bizarre shoes prior to last night's game against the Saints.

by Sean Newell
Nov 18 2016, 8:26pm

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Newton, whose entire sartorial philosophy could best be described as "what are thoooooose?", wore these Tina Turner in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome looking shoes in pregame warmups before his Thursday night matchup against the New Orleans Saints. We've seen this squirrel tail look from Cam before, usually as some kind of furry watch fob during his post-game press conferences, but this was the first time he brought it on the field. The result was a shoe that looked like it belonged on stage with famed glam metal band Poison.

So the question is: do his shoes look more like guitarist C.C. DeVille or Rikki Rockett? Rockett is the drummer and with Cam pounding away on the turf, keeping the Panthers offense on course, it makes a fair amount of sense that the shoes would most resemble the former hairdresser-turned-drummer with a not-at-all made-up name.


The schizoid zebra pattern and touch of gold makes me wonder if it's not the spirit of the cocaine-infused guitarist with a similarly not made up name, C.C. DeVille, that lives within Cam's feather duster feet.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It's almost too close to call. Rockett's hair is fuller, and has a similar overall shape to Cam's shoes—can you believe you read this far? I can't.—but the guitarist is always the most notably outrageous member of a band. That's clearly what Cam is going for here—you don't put a teased out mullet on your shoes and hope to elude notice—so we are calling this one official: Cam Newton's shoes look like a tiny C.C. DeVille is living inside of them.

The Panthers beat the Saints 23-20.