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We Asked You to Caption This Photo and You Absolutely Crushed It

"Hold on. This just came out of the dryer..."

by VICE Staff; photos by Julian Master
May 7 2018, 4:43pm

In this new photo series, we're collecting some of our favourite photographs and want your help captioning them. Every week, we'll throw a new photo up on our Instagram and cull the best captions that capture the current mood.

This week, we featured a photo shot by Julian Master that perfectly illustrates the excitement most of us are feeling now that summer is finally upon us. Here are some of our favourites from the more than 1,200 responses:

  • Sliding into summer like...—@aliwithan_i
  • Coachella, day two.—@fionnanmurphy
  • Photo of me reversing evolution to escape the BS on land.—@ericarnoldvisuals
  • "Hold on. This just came out of the dryer..."—@jsolvie
  • Disney's A Little Mermaid reboot is expected to be grittier and more realistic.—@themattfranc0
  • "Mom we talked about this."—@gam.84
  • PETA is taking its investigative work a little too far now.—@mr_dume
  • "Wish I could be part of that world."—@mollybea
  • Yet again another unrealistic body expectation for women.—@jewlzieg
  • When people are trying to help you be your best self but you know It’s something you have to do for yourself.—@arielle115
  • Wait.....I think I found my cell phone.—@yomanawwdamn
  • "Just wear something casual...nothing fancy."
  • Actual footage of me putting on my jeans in the morning—@jwinne
  • When you don’t need no man.—@jamesturner4105
  • "Fuck Eric, I want my voice back."—@carolina_agb

And the winner:

Check VICE's Instagram next week for our next installment. Visit Julian Master's website and Instagram for more of his photos.

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