UberEATS Has Cancelled Its Instant Deliveries In Toronto, Leaving Me No Reason to Live

RIP reason for waking up on a Monday.

by Manisha Krishnan
Oct 3 2016, 8:11pm

How could you, Uber? Photo via Flickr user Motohiko Tokuriki

This morning I woke up wondering why.

Why was I awake? Why did I have to work? Why was summer over? Why did I get so fucked up this weekend?

In other words, it was a pretty typical Monday. Around 10:30 AM, I reached for my phone to check out the UberEATS instant delivery specials of the day. At this point, the only thing I'd eaten was oatmeal, so I was a bit peckish. But the bigger reason I wanted to check out the specials was, like most working chumps, I knew that lunch would be the only bright spot in this hellish day. Looking at the specials would fill me with anticipation. Maybe I would compare some of the options on Yelp—one of my favourite ways to pass time. Just before noon (not a moment later than what was socially acceptable), I would place my order, and in 10 minutes or less all would be right with the world.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Uber app and couldn't find instant deliveries anywhere. Confused, I refreshed the screen a couple of times. It listed my "go tos" and restaurants in the area, but instant options were nowhere to be found. I found myself panicking. The idea of stepping outside of the office on a day like today was nauseating. It's not like it was freezing cold, or raining or anything, but it was just so drab.

Plus, I really wanted a meal that included mashed potatoes. I wanted to bathe in the comfort of gravy. There's nowhere that serves mashed potatoes around my office, but sometimes UberEATS has this fried chicken instant special that comes with a side of them.

Anyway, finally I decided to Google UberEATS instant deliveries. That's when I read the news: "Instant UberEATS is no longer a service in Toronto."

Feeling sick, I showed my colleagues the message and tweeted it, which garnered several "WHAT THE FUCK"-type responses. Soon after, I reached out to Uber for an explanation.

I was told that while instant eats are done, "We heard from people that they wanted more selection so we're focused on continuing to build out our restaurant partners."

But that's what Foodora is for, was my immediate thought.

I ended up getting lunch with my colleague—a venture that required me to talk to another human being for a full 45 minutes.

RIP instant UberEATS. Mondays just got a whole lot shittier.

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