The Skateboarding Girls of Toronto

The Skateboarding Girls of Toronto

Photographer Aaron Wynia walked around Toronto's skate parks to document the next generation of female skaters.
August 31, 2016, 2:46pmUpdated on December 16, 2016, 6:01pm

Toronto photographer and skating enthusiast Aaron Wynia, whose work has often appeared in VICE, has long had a visual eye for the authentic and undercovered. His latest series tackles what he saw as an underrepresentation of women in skateboarding magazines and videos.

"I noticed many photo essays and fashion coverage that used skateboards as accessories, models staged with a board somewhere in the image. I wanted to offer a contrast—I found the girls who are getting out there and doing it," he says. "I grew up skateboarding and flipping through magazines I always noticed an absence of women."

He wandered around Toronto earlier this month to photograph the women holding court at local skateparks.

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