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PREMIERE: The New Video From shy kids Is Made Entirely Out of Candy

You can also stream the band's debut LP 'Lofty!'

by Dean Rosen
Aug 17 2015, 2:32pm

In the realm of film you’re probably be more familiar with Spy Kids than shy kids, however you may recall the 2013 short film “Noah” (filmed entirely from the view of a computer screen) that went viral and won best short film at TIFF. The creators of the film are Toronto-based musicians of the band shy kids and have released their new single “® o c k e t s” along with some incredible visuals for the track. The video tells an apocalyptic tale in a world entirely made out of candy to accompany the sugar-themed pop-rock song. The guys in the band did the digital animation, editing and production for the video entirely by themselves. “® o c k e t s” comes off of the band’s debut LP Lofty! which can now be streamed entirely and downloaded for free on the band’s website.

"The idea for the video came about when we started thinking about what eating candy signifies,” the band explains. “This sweet sugary poison that you ingest that makes you feel so good. What consequences there are to live in a world made of that substance. It took us nine months and $600 worth of candy. Shout out to SUGAR MOUNTAIN and Bulk Barn. We still have all the candy, don't know what to do with it – it's pretty stale now."

Watch the video below...

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