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Flip Through Jeff Buckley's Extensive (and Very Good) Record Collection

Get a better portrait of the artist through his hundreds of albums.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 18 2016, 3:47pm

Do you ever sit and look at your carefully curated record collection and wonder what will happen to it when you’re gone? Will your friends and loved ones flip through your albums, learning more about the person you were? Will it craft a portrait of your tastes and influences? If so, you might want to leave an explanatory Post-It note on that copy of Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue.

When Jeff Buckley met his tragic and untimely demise in a drowning incident in 1997, he left behind an extensive collection of records, cassettes, and CDs. Now, Sony, with the help of Buckley’s mother, Mary Guibert, has created a digital archive of the collection. Available at, it allows you to peruse and listen to the hundreds of albums he owned, from Bad Brains to Muddy Waters. The guy had great taste, and you can get an intimate sense of who he was by flipping through and listening to his LPs. Like, how did he get from Descendents to Joni Mitchell? And how many Duke Ellington albums does a man need?

You can also use the site to listen to You & I, the recently-released collection of Buckley’s first studio recordings from 1993. Dig in, record nerds.

From Buckley's collection.

Jeff Buckley