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Watch An Awkward 30-Year Old Interview With The Dead Kennedys

The look on Jello's face is priceless.

by Noisey Staff
Oct 30 2014, 10:50pm

Yesterday the ABC uploaded 30-year old footage of the Dead Kennedy’s being interviewed outside a Melbourne church.

ABC Nationwide reporter Mark Jennings speaks to the American punk band outside Christ Church in St Kilda, during their 5-week 1983 Australian tour. Jennings, dressed in de rigueur journalist attire of the time – navy sports jacket and grey trousers, conducts a generally awkward interview with incessant dog barking in the background.

Released as part of the ABC library sales archives, the two-minute clip has the band discussing US politics, John F. Kennedy quotes, and how they quantify their success, which believe it or not is not by record sales.

The report comes from a long line of punk bands been interviewed by a curious mainstream media but is worth watching if only for vocalist Jello Biafra's bewildered reaction after Jenning’s quotes Kennedy’s famous line from his 1961 inaugural address then asks Jello what he has done for his country.

Read Jello’s Maximum Rock and Roll diary from the 1983 tour here.

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