PREMIERE: Factor Chandelier and Kay the Aquanaut’s “Snaps” Is for Everyone Who Needs Gas Money

Who got some snaps on my petro?

by Devin Pacholik
Jul 19 2016, 2:36pm

Image via YouTube

Getting snaps on the petro—scrapping together gas money—seems harder and harder these days, what with the economy, British people, math stuff, and probably Pokémon. It’s all connected, somehow. Saskatoon producer Factor Chandelier and emcee Kay the Aquanaut invite us to chill with friends and enjoy the small beauties of life in their latest Stuey Kubrick-made video, “Snaps.” The track comes from Factor’s new album Factoria released by Fake Four Inc. On it, Kay the Aquanaut gives “three cheers for the vodka in the coola” (“Whoowa! Whoowa!”) and coaxes listeners to “turn that dime to peace of mind.” This is the summertime hit we’ve been waiting for.

“‘Snaps’ is the third video single from my newest album Factoria,” Factor Chandelier says, “A concept album about the build and demise of a city. It conveys a vintage summertime vibe set in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, mine and Kay’s home city.” Watch “Snaps” below.

Devin Pacholik really, really likes this song but has no snaps. Follow him on Twitter.