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Honest's Remix of Alex Wiley's "Vibrations" Is the Soundtrack to Your Next House Music Vision Quest

Give Alex Wiley your heart, make it real, or else forget about it.

by Drew Millard
Aug 20 2014, 2:59pm

Chicago rapper Alex Wiley, to me, is one of those guys who could sound good over anything—abstract post-drill, lush boom-bap, the sounds of someone rhythmically throwing rocks against the ground, the sounds of a paper bag full of hair that someone set on fire, whatever. This new remix of his track "Vibration" from Tempe, Arizona producer Honest only further proves my theory, as it recontextualizes Wiley as a weird house shaman, providing the perfect soundtrack for the next time I decide to take a bunch of peyote and groove out in the desert while starving myself on a vision quest. You have to starve yourself on vision quests, don't you? Anyways, the "Vibration" remix is real good.


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