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The Weeknd Crashes Cars and Gets Hit in His New Video for "The Hills"

Drive safe.

by John Hill
May 27 2015, 1:52pm

The Weeknd seems like a strange guy. He has a pretty incredible voice, and is able to go into every territory of R&B—crossing boundaries and being accepted by everyone despite being a little creepy (I mean, you have to be a little creepy to be on the leading single of 50 Shades of Grey's soundtrack, right?). As we can see in his new video for "The Hills," Abel Tesfaye wanders the streets in a very upscale neighborhood after crashing what looks to be kind of a shitty car. While wandering, the woman riding with him—who's, for some reason, wearing really big gloves—smacks him around for a bit, while he continues he pilgrimage towards a mysterious mansion.