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Drake Has Now Usurped Eminem Which Means He's Objectively The Better Rapper

Happy Fourth of July, you American vermin.

by A Proud Canadian
Mar 27 2017, 2:14pm

UPDATE (March 27, 2017): According to Billboard, More Life has given Drake his 7th no. 1 album, which makes him tied with Eminem (and Kanye) for second most number one albums by a rap artist. Slim Shady loses again.

Views is, apparently, unstoppable. Drake must be smiling a toothy grin right now knowing his prematurely dubbed "classic" album has been number one for nine weeks now, according to Billboard. Drizzy edges out Eminem's Marshall Mathers (lololololol) to claim the number one spot by a hip hop artist. He still sits behind Vanilla Ice's To the Extreme (16 weeks on Billboard) and MC Hammer's Please Don't Hurt' Em (21 weeks on Billboard.)

The bulk of Drizzy's units come from streaming with about 67,000 of 111,000 units by the week end of June 30. **airhorn** If we know Drake at all, he isn't going to let some hammer pants or...Vanilla Ice being Vanilla Ice stand in his way. The Boy is reaching for the top! The only other man in recent years to go past nine weeks at number one was Usher with the inimitable
Confessions. Anyway, remember when we wrote about Drake but didn't want to write about Drake? Now we're writing about Drake, again.

A Proud Canadian definitely wrote this.