Ryan Adams Dissed Deadmau5 at Governors Ball, and Deadmau5' Set Malfunctioned

Dueling set times lead to harsh words.

Jun 7 2015, 11:14pm

Governors Ball scheduled country rocker Ryan Adams and Dayglo EDM field mouse Deadmau5 to play different stages at the same time last night, and much like last year's Sun Kil Moon vs. War on Drugs rift, hilarity ensued. Adams got upset as the mouse's oontzes began to bleed into the stage where he and his latest backing band the Shining were banging out alt-country gems and launched into an anti-EDM rant. "Try making this song on your fucking phone," Billboard says Adams snapped before easing into fan favorite "Oh My Sweet Carolina." "It's like we're living in a fucking Terminator nightmare." It's peculiar posturing from Adams, who is increasingly warming to synths in his own music and who is rumored to have a collaboration with Deadmau5 in the can somewhere.

Deadmau5' set, meanwhile, was riddled with technical difficulties as his central set piece, a glowing geodesic dome, repeatedly lost power, and his sound blinked on and off. The pair exchanged snarky words post-show but Ryan seems to want to patch things up.

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