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Let Chilly Gonzales School You on the Origins of Pop Music in This Sweet New Video for "Odessa"

Watch the Canadian composer take it back to the 19th Century.
March 28, 2015, 2:00pm

Chilly Gonzales, a multi-talented chamber musician and pop encyclopedia from Canada, recently announced the release of his newest album, Chambers. Renowned for his musical genius, Gonzales had a habit of discussing pop music in unexpected ways. In the above video, Gonzales redefines early 19th century Romantic music as contemporary pop with a nostalgic but modern performance of the rippling “Odessa.”

As he explained to i-D, "On my album, Chambers, I tried to bring back some of the color of that 19th century music, filtered through a 21st century attitude (and attention span). I thought of my string quartet (Kaiser Quartett) as a sampler. Chamber music foretold the music of today—it WAS pop music. Couldn't it be again? "

'Chambers' was released on March 23 via Gentle Threat Ltd.