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Shams Shares New Video For "Nest," Talks Gilmore Girls and Second Virginities

Sit down. Relax. Let the hive mind take control.

by Ezra Marcus
Dec 18 2014, 3:00pm

Take off your shoes. Sit down. Relax. Let the hive mind enter your spinal column. Who'd have thought life as a host body would feel this...erotic? Welcome to the “Nest.”

“This video is all about the ecstasy of an unremembered landscape and dying while having the time of your life,” explains Brooklyn-based romantic house wizard Shams of his latest video.

Considering how this clip oozes cryptic desire from every orifice we thought it best for Shams to fill out our OKCupid-inspired This Modern Love Q+A. Stream the track and check out his rather brilliant responses below.

Noisey: Age/Sex/Location/Status:
Shams: 34/Male/N40°42'46.645" W-73°56'13.88"/Divorced from reality and loving it!

Sexual preference:
Rough/Psychological/Reclaimed Secondary Virginity/Saving myself for Marriage

My Self Summary:
Fairly docile, foolish, fragile non-entity. tropical fish expert. ghost baby.

peaceful exception, the way I live is still based on obtaining certain objects/hating said objects. variations on a theme are boring yet necessary. admittedly human.

love 2 cook, born bird watcher, avid mountaineer, observe beauty, and share stories!

What I'm doing with my life:
Experiencing an on going Spiritual Emergency of limitless permutation.

Sourcing investors for my artisanal potting soil company. locations? Rebranding self hatred tactics and positive affirmations through hard work and prayer! umm preparing for the release of my first full length record. doing something tomorrow...send an email.

I'm really good at:
Bringing the liminal space between my body and the void to a slow boil.

I could make u laugh make u feel.

gotta say, no one really does it like me!

The first thing people usually notice about me:
my phase shifting and magenta light occurrence

dreamy green eyes and elegant hair line.

Aren't you that one guy who...?

nah, I mean yeah

impeccable manners

stand weird?

little creepy?


I possess "the look"

facing the right way.

one, none, or all depending on processor style

Favorite books:
A lyric from one of my songs reads "I read the book, the one you said you'd never write" I'm familiar

I very much enjoy the works of Joris Karl Huysmans while reading

Also, the one that shows where all the vortices are

tacky truisms

young poetry

Favorite movies:
Vintage Earth footage and hour long ASMR torture vids. Food flicks. Feature length banal photo slide show set to something a lil' funky. Also the one with the twin truck drivers. babysitters??

Favorite TV shows:
Extremely Survival Techniques

Real Horses of Whitemarsh

Wild Unleashed Driving Alone in Alaska

Gilmore Girls!!! : )

Favorite music:
Slight echo, Sssubtle movement, Sssmooth timbre, Alto Sax under the sheets, Free trade massage oil, scented candle type shit...unprovoked violence. filtered voice memos. who sampled this? Nasty NRG "Bomb Trax" tiny head nod "this rocks"


Six things I could never live without:
1. petty electromagnetic hardware
2. a place to wait
3. proper vistas
4. liquid
5. permission...nah
6. no rules, man

On a typical Friday night I am:
Being typical...placed face down on the floor at 57° angle from whatever object

The most private thing I'm willing to admit:
Still don't under stand what it means "2 know"

You should message me if:
Deep down you feel that you really might maybe actually need me. I would like to meet. You have money for me? emotional support? If you think you might want a pillow sham with my face printed on it. you need to talk? nevermind.

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