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Watch Justin Bieber, in His One Moment of Weakness, Fall into a Hole to the Netherworld

"Where are u now?" - Bieber's audience

by Phil Witmer
Jun 17 2016, 2:07pm

Justin Bieber, moments before he enters oblivion... we think.

As we've established before, Justin Bieber is perfect in many ways, but even gods are fallible once in a while. During a Purpose World Tour stop at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Biebervelli took a tumble into a hole of some kind. No one really knows what happened here. You can't actually see the hole so Bieber may have fallen into one of the Pitfall items from Animal Crossing. He also could have just been accessing a portal to the popstar nether-dimension from which he draws his hitmaking powers. Most likely, he was distracted by his extremely meticulous pants-adjustment procedure, which is respectable. No shade. Ponder these theories as you watch the video below.

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