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Here's a Photo of Young Thug and Elton John Because Sometimes God Smiles

Sometimes, life is beautiful.

by Eric Sundermann
Mar 23 2016, 6:02pm

Photo via Young Thug's Instagram

Life is full of moments. That first kiss. When you learn how to drive. Going to college. Smoking weed for the first time. Getting a job. Not fucking up said job. Getting a promotion. Finding your partner. Having a kid. Having a grandkid. Retiring. Doing cool shit while you're retired. Being Young Thug. Being Elton John. Meeting Young Thug while you're Elton John. Meeting Elton John while you're Young Thug. Having someone take a picture of you with Young Thug if you are Elton John. Having someone take a picture of you with Elton John if you are Young Thug. Look outside the window, my friends, and pause. Sometimes, this strange life is beautiful.

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Young Thug Meeting Elton John
A Photo of Young Thug Meeting Elton John
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