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Important Questions Raised by This Photo of Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Quavo, Vic Mensa, Offset, Big Sean, and Tyler, the Creator

Dang this is iconic.

by Noisey Staff and Noisey Redactie
Mar 29 2016, 4:02pm

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Last night, something happened. Quavo (you might know him from a little group called Migos) Instagrammed the above photo with the simple caption: "TURBO." This photo features the following rappers: Quavo, Vic Mensa, Offset, Big Sean, Lil Yachty, Tyler, the Creator, and, of course, Kanye West. With the words TURBO GRAFX 6 written on the wall above the group, we're assuming that this photo was taken during the recording sessions of Kanye's upcoming album—which, by the way, he says will be out this summer. This photo is iconic for many reasons, and we have some questions:

What kind of boat did Kanye just purchase?

Drake’s pool may be bigger, but who has a better slip at the marina is what I’m asking.

How will Big Sean ruin the track they’re working on?

How many of these people’s ages do you have to add together to reach Kanye’s?

How much do Vic Mensa’s jeans cost?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Which person in this picture is wearing the most expensive jeans? Do Offset’s have the most rips in them?

How many more watches could Offset wear? Side note is Offset wearing an Apple Watch? What do you think Offset’s biometrics data looks like?

Why does Ye look like he's going to start chanting "RedRum"?

Are the TVs in the background just playing footage of the ocean?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Is the reason waves don’t die because they have a lil boat sailing on them? Or is it the other way around?

Who took this picture? Takeoff?

Why did we ever doubt that Lil Yachty had anything but a rose gold iPhone?

What has Big Sean so confused?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Who is the mysterious half-a- human behind Big Sean that was cropped out of the photo?

Why does Tyler’s hat and Yachty’s hair remind us of Christmas?

Why hasn’t Vic gotten that “Southside” tattoo removed?

What is the median for hand to crotch distance in this photo?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

What is Kanye’s favorite Migos song?

What is Offset’s favorite Kanye song?

What is Big Sean’s favorite Lil Yachty song?

What is Lil Yachty’s favorite Big Sean song?

Does Lil Yachty even know who Big Sean is?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Is that Skeletor on Vic Mensa’s right pant leg?

Why do I feel so disappointed that Skepta isn’t also in this photo?

Do you guys think Big Sean has ever watched a baseball game?

Who does Lil Yachty look like a rebellious extra from a Ricky Martin video?

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Did Vic Mensa and Quavo hit the thrift shop right before this picture?

Is Macklemore there too?

Does this mean normcore is still a thing?

How many “Pipe It Up” punchlines do you think Big Sean has written in a notebook somewhere that he was waiting to show the Migos?

Vic Mensa : Chance the Rapper :: Lil Yachty : ??????

Is Kanye wearing white Vans? Did Lil Yachty “Damn Daniel” Kanye??

Photo via Quavo's Instagram

Who in this photo is the best at memes?

Why does Lil Yachty look like a human gif?

Who didn’t tell Vic Mensa about the white shoe policy?

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