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The Half-Brother of Making a Murderer's Brendan Dassey Has Released a Protest Rap Track

Because all major news events need a rap track.

by Joe Zadeh
Jan 13 2016, 10:41am

The entire world—by which, of course, I mean my personal Twitter feed—has been captured by the drama and suggested injustices that have been portrayed in Netflix crime documentary, Making a Murderer, since it first become available to stream just before Christmas. And if you haven't watched it yet, but intend to, then stop reading right now—and I mean really stop reading, don't immediately start mischeviously scanning down just because you've been told "No"—because what I'm about to say could ruin, like, the whole first six episodes for you.

The doc follows the story of two American men—Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey—who are currently in jail serving time for a murder; a murder which the documentary suggests they did not commit. And more and more people have become hooked on the series—which was filmed over a ten year period—so it has spread across the internet like a wildfire, spawning conspiracy theories, sub-stories, contrarianism and petitions (one requesting their pardon has amassed 380,000 signatures). Even the humble British news chatter of Radio 4 was breached, as they tracked down Steven Avery's lawyer to speak about the case whilst he was on a family holiday in Italy.

And now, like all major news events, it has spawned a Christian rap track, courtesy of Brendan Dassey's half-brother and Christian rapper, Brad Dassey. Titled "They Didn't Do It", the track focuses on amplifying their innocence, with lyrics like, "Not a fair trial, not a fair game, whole thing's racked, just a lying shame", and has already has over 50,000 plays in 48 hours. Listen below.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first song recorded about the series. The Black Keys Dan Auerbach recorded one too as side-project The Arcs.