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PREMIERE: Rah Rah's "Chip Off The Heart" is a Mystical Collage

Close your eyes and smell the glue.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Jun 23 2015, 2:18pm

Think back to when you were in art class in elementary school. Recall your favourite activity to partake in, using your scissors and non-toxic glue to create beautiful works of art with the teacher's careful supervision. Close your eyes, really picture the activity. Are you making a collage? Of course you are, because that was easily everyone's favourite art activity a youth! Regina's Rah Rah's are tapping into that juvenile desire with their newest video for "Chip Off The Heart," albeit with a mystic twist.

"We ran with the look of the cosmos taking creative liberties and conjuring up a psychedelic world that reflects the esoteric lyrics of this song," says director Chris Laxton. "The constantly moving and forever evolving visuals take us from the vastness of space to the confines of a dense forest and back again, reminding us that we are the creators of our own reality." The band's album Vessels will be released September 11. Watch the video and see the upcoming tour dates below.

September 5th Bala Kee To Bala (with Sam Roberts Band)
September 6th Bala Kee To Bala (with Sam Roberts Band)
September 11th Toronto The Horseshoe Tavern
September 12th Hamilton Supercrawl
September 19th Fredericton Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival

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