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PREMIERE: Tour One of Toronto's Most Diverse Boroughs in Jimmy B's Video for "Scarborough"

Watch as the Toronto rapper shows off his hometown with drone footage and dancers.

by Noisey Canada Staff
May 21 2015, 2:19pm

Taking viewers on a tour of one’s hometown is a cemented rite of passage in the rap game. If done correctly, even the most obscure of neighbourhoods can seem like a must-see destination. In the case of Jimmy B’s new video for “Scarborough,” the Toronto rapper helps to electrify one of the city’s most diverse areas. Set to appear on Jimmy’s forthcoming EP Prince of The ‘Borough - Chapter 1: The BRiCKZ, “Scarborough” is an energetic hometown anthem dedicated to the community he calls home. Directed by Rajeevan Nithiyanathan, the video for “Scarborough” has drones flying around and breathing life into the place often mocked as “Scarberia.”

When asked about the video’s shooting location, Nithiyanathan had this to say: "Scarborough is where Jimmy and I both grew up. We wouldn't be who we are without the borough, which is really why I wanted to centre the video in places that really define Scarborough to us. When we were filming Jimmy's performance scenes, everyone could feel the passion and intensity that he was performing with. It really set the tone for the video.”

Jimmy B’s Prince of The ‘Borough - Chapter 1: The BRiCKZ is slated for a June 2015 release.