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Navigate the Unknown with What Moon Things' "Doesn't Make Much Sense"

Let the New Paltz, New York, band batter your skull in.

by Kyle Kramer
May 25 2014, 3:30pm

Everything is a mystery. Life is maddenly unknowable. Nothing makes much sense. Punk is dead, or whatever. Music is a construct.

Music is a sweet release, too, and as long as we've got all these unknowables, we might as well use it to rail against them. Which is where a song like "Doesn't Make Much Sense" comes in—it's a lumbering punk/shoegaze number that goes in about four different directions, chugging along over shouted vocals, slowing into a stoned interlude, and ultimately building to searing conclusion. It's an arresting barrage of sound that seems piped in from some beer-soaked basement, equally suited for hazy afternoons playing video games or shaking your fist at the void.

What Moon Things are a band from New Paltz, New York, made up of members Jake Harms and John Morisi. Their self-titled album is out June 3 on Hot Grits, and you can pre-order it here right now. The band is also going on a mostly East Coast tour starting this week. Stream "Doesn't Make Much Sense" and check out the dates below:

05.30 - BSP w/ PORCHES., Frankie Cosmos, Palehound, Sleeper Bells (Kingston, NY)
05.31 - Suburbia w/ The Gradients, Wet Petals, Livingroom, Big Neck Police (Brooklyn, NY)
06.04 - The Cave w/ Cameron Stenger (Chapel Hill, NC)
06.05 - The Jinx w/ Triathalon + Forced Entry (Savannah, GA)
06.06 - Flicker Bar w/ Dosed + Uncle Dad (Athens, GA)
06.07 - Sluggos w/ Buffalo Princess (Chattanooga, TN)
06.08 - The Forge w/ Velouria + Dear Prodigal (Birmingham, AL)
06.09 - Euclid Records // Circle Bar (late) w/ TBA (NOLA)
06.13 - The Pharmacy (Philadelphia PA)
06.14 - Chapala w/ Two Inch Astronaut (Burtonsville, MD)
06.15 - The Seed (Lancaster, PA)
06.17 - Woodlands w/ Vis a Vis (Columbus, OH)
06.18 - Annabel's (Akron, OH)
06.19 - 16 Walnut w/ Wet Petals (Binghamton, NY)
06.20 - Community School of Music and Art w/ The Realbads, Underground River, Bleach Bath, VVR (Ithaca, NY)
06.21 - Solstice Show at Deer Hill w/ Quarterbacks, Timberwolf (Cornwall, NY)
06.24 - Oasis w/ Tapestries (New Paltz, NY)
06.25 - AS220 w/ Tapestries (Providence, RI)
06.26 - The Hinge (Northampton, MA)
06.27 - The UAG (Albany, NY)
06.28 - Dong Island w/ Tin Can Collective (Long Island, NY)

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