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Grab Some Hot Dogs and Listen to Mac DeMarco's New Instrumental BBQ Soundtrack 'Some Other Ones'

Grilling rules!

by Eric Sundermann
Jul 8 2015, 1:50pm

The 4th of July may be over, but we still have a couple more months of sweet, sweet summertime ahead of us. And that means you have tons more opportunities to put food on a grill and cook it with fire, which is arguably one of the greatest experiences you can have as a human being. To help with these festivities, Mac DeMarco just shared Some Other Ones via his Bandcamp, a collection of instrumental recordings he's calling his "BBQ soundtrack." It's nine songs long and was recorded July 4-8 in Far Rockaway, Queens. America, baby!

Some Other Ones comes in advance of his next LP Another One, out August 7. And if you happen to be in NYC today, the songwriter is throwing a cookout listening session for Another One at 153 Morgan Avenue at 1 PM. Get yourself a fix of indie rock and hot dogs.

Man, grilling fucking rules.