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Watch Belly and The Weeknd Gain Mutant Abilities in the Video for "Might Not"

Fame and fortune can also gift you with superpowers.

by Jabbari Weekes
Dec 18 2015, 6:50pm

Contrary to Rita Ora’s concerns, signing to Roc Nation can only lead to a life of luxury. For instance, just look at recent Roc signee, Belly and XO compadre The Weeknd in the new video for Up For Days cut “Might Not.” Who else but the rich and successful can drop prescription pills in a bathtub half their size before being blessed with the amphibian-like ability to breathe underwater. The Weeknd, of course, is the exception to this rule because… well, he’s never happy and his satin blankets weren’t properly ironed during filming.

Watch the video below.

Jabbari Weekes is a Poseidon-level swimmer. Follow him on Twitter.