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Garage Punk Greats Dead Moon Bludgeoned Brooklyn's Pioneer Works

The legendary DIY band plays an ultra rare live gig alongside Borbetomagus, Das Audit and Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis

by Noisey Staff
Jun 21 2015, 5:42pm

Fans of Portland punk band Dead Moon had pretty much written off any chance to see the legendary DIY band between their 2006 retirement and Fred Cole’s recent open heart surgery. So when the big announcement came of a set of US dates for 2015, fans scooped up the tickets with an unmatched fervor. To be fair, the gigs would not turn out to be Dead Moon gigs, as drummer Andrew Loomis was forced to bow out due to illness (look for our interview in the coming days) and was replaced with Kelly from related band Pierced Arrows.

Regardless of any technicalities regarding the lineup, Dead Moon was the clear focus at the Brooklyn date on the short run tour, with the band making a stop at the Pioneer Works art space on June 21 for a gig with Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis, long-running noise/improv powerhouse Borbetomagus, and Das Audit. All photos are courtesy of Samantha Marble.


Das Audit

Dead Moon

J. Mascis