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David Bowie's Will and Burial has Been Detailed

His ashes have been scattered in Bali.

by John Hill
Jan 30 2016, 6:39pm

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The New York Times has reported what David Bowie's will and burial wishes will entail. Back in 2004, he wrote out in his will to be creamated, and for his ashes to be spread in Bali, which has already happened.

The will itself splits up his $100 million estate to his closest friends and family. He left his two-penthouse SoHo apartment to his widow, Iman Abdulmajid Jones. He also left half of his total estate to Iman, 25 percent to his son Duncan Jones who was conceived in his previous marriage to Mary Angela Barnett, 25 percent to Alexandria Zahra Jones who will receive it in a trust. Alexandra will also receive his mountain retreat in Ulster County, NY.

Bowie also left $2 million to his former assistant Corinne Schwab, as well as his stocks in the company Opossum Inc. He left another $1 million to former nanny of Duncan, Marion Skene.

The New York Times also details his fascination with Bali, writing the following:

"Mr. Bowie was so taken with Bali that he had an Indonesian-style refuge built on Mustique, in the Caribbean. 'I wanted something as unlike the Caribbean as possible, because it’s a fantasy island, Mustique,' he told Architectural Digest in 1992. He sold the house several years ago."

You can read the full report here.