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PREMIERE: Get Gone Off That Drank with T-Wayne's Video for "Gone Off That Drank"

The Texas rapper returns with another banger.

by Eric Sundermann
Sep 24 2015, 5:48pm

After hopping out of his motherrfucking Porsche and experiencing viral success earlier this year with "Nasty Freestyle," T-Wayne is doing everything he can to prove, like he told us, he's more than just millions of YouTube views. And he's doing it. Below, Noisey is premiering the latest video for his new banger, "Gone Off That Drank," which features the Texas rapper, uh, gone off that drank. He's spends most of the video riding through his city in the passenger seat of an SUV and spitting in the corner of a run down room with a beautiful woman, and looking extremely swaggy while doing so. Watch the video below, and read our extended interview with T-Wayne here.