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Weaves, Like Peter Pan, Want You to Live Out Your Dreams and Never Grow Up in their New Video "Tick"

We can all agree that clowns are and forever will be walking nightmares, right?

by Sarah MacDonald
Jun 17 2016, 5:58pm

Photo by Brendan George Ko

Toronto’s Weaves just want you to stay young and live out your dreams, which, honestly, is a very nice thing to hear. The buzzy band premiered a hilariously weird and fun video for their poppy rock song “Tick” on NPR today. Weaves also released their self-titled debut record today via Buzz Records, as well as Kanine (US), and Memphis Industries. What a Friday! The video features local comedian Chris Locke fastidiously searching for W E A V E S before muttering about how his life sucks. Same, same. Through the video he wakes up, I guess, in a world where there are...clowns? But he looks to be having a good time anyway, shaking off his mid-life rut with the band functioning as his cool youthful helpers. Weaves help him get inked, comb his hair with a lint roller, and partake in a bevy of other shenanigans.

"The video is about the incessant ticking of the clock, nagging at you to realize your dreams, and the gentle reminder that sometimes dreams should remain fantasy," said the band's guitarist, Morgan Waters, in a press release. "Music makes you feel young. But what happens when you're suddenly the old guy at a party trying to get the roach going? Our friend, and brilliant comedian Chris Locke, plays a man who stares into the void, hears our song and experiences a midlife crisis."

Watch the video below:

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