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Glass Ghost's Video for "Life Is for the Living" Is the World Through a Weird Lens

Ever wanna barf yourself up?
October 27, 2014, 3:30pm

I'm gonna be honest: I don't really understand what's happening in this video, but the storyline—which involves a metropolis full of faceless denizens and people shedding themselves and throwing themselves up—is bizarr-o and slickly executed enough to be entirely gripping. And hey, sometimes I feel like throwing myself up and shedding my entire body, so I can identify and hopefully you can too.

"Life Is for the Living" is lifted from Glass Ghost's second album LYFE, released via Western Vinyl (on 9/16), a record which inlcudes contributions by their buddies Joan Wasser of Joan As Policewoman, Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors, and Christopher Tignor of Slow Six / Wires Under Tension. Comprised of founding members Michael Johnson and Dirty Projector's drummer Eliot Krimsky, plus relative newbies Tyler Wood and Aerial East, their latest single is nimble indie, airy and bright as a scudding cloud on blustery day. Standout sonic strangeness goes to the unlikely combo of Krimsky's idiosyncratic falsetto, the loftily angelic female backing vocals, and what sounds like a radio stuck between stations.

Glass Ghost Tour Dates
11/16 - Brooklyn, NY - Glasslands w/ Pattern is Movement