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Wait, Does Pitbull Have the Biggest D in Pop Music? (NSFW, Probably)

I slowed down the video for "Fun" and if Miami is bringing the heat, then Pitbull brings the big ol' flamethrower.

Jun 19 2015, 6:20pm

Look at that monster.

Tucked away in an attic space of the VICE offices, we Web Dev-ers aren't always exposed to the sexy ongoings of the downstairs editorial world.

But after watching Pitbull's latest ode to crime dramas masquerading as a video on Noisey, I had to ask 'em to turn the air up a bit in here. It wasn't the butts or boobs that was getting me a little hot under the collar. Oh no. It was something swaying in some soft pink pants. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. Nothing like pausing meeting prep to screenshot a bald and beautiful rapper's ugly bits in front of your whole team. No shame in my game. And no shame in how low that thing, I'm thinking, swings.

I thought it was important to point out that that's a huge banana in Pitbull's pants, and it seems pretty happy to see me!

Continued below.

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